Bring your potential to the light through photography

About Chen Wang

Event, product, marketing, and wedding photography is what I do.


You tell me what you want, I will give you a plan of how I can make it work.


I am super excited about maximizing your potential through photography, visualizing clients’ value, and helping prospects to see that companies are not just buildings and offices, but people who can solve problems.


Graduated from University of Florida, while working for newspapers and magazines around the country, I saw there was a need in the special events and product photography areas, so I jumped on the opportunity and never look back. The passion in capturing the moments through photography, the experience in the journalism, and the training from arts and journalism school made me a perfect fit for the event and commercial photography.


If you are interested in showing your clients your value and what you can do for them, I am your solution.


Your photographer,

Chen Wang

P.S. If you want to see my wedding photography portfolio, please go to